About Us

Brazos Wine Imports

Brazos Wine Imports is owned and operated by Brian Ravitsky and Jon Chaplin. We landed our first container of wine in 2009. Throughout our careers we have worked in almost every facet of the wine business ranging from F&B, Retail, Production, Distribution and Supply. We have completed multiple wine-study certifications and are painstakingly passionate about food and wine. We are humbled to represent a focused portfolio that we distribute through one of the very best wholesale networks in the USA.

We import wine from thirteen different families located in some of the best sub-regions of Argentina and Chile. We focus on artisan, single vineyard, small production, estate grown, environmentally friendly wines. The wines we represent share old world, terroir-centric styles which we believe are unique and rare qualities to find in South America.

Our wines are always shipped and stored in temperature controlled environments. Please note that we warehouse state-side at Groskopf in Sonoma, CA.

We spend the majority of our time working the market to help spread the gospel of soulful wine from South America. We are passionate about the wineries we represent and are committed to doing everything we can to support and help educate the Distributors, Retailers, and Restauranteurs that we work with. Our wines are most commonly found in Independent restaurants, bottle shoppes and some select regional groups. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to share the wines from these wonderful families with you. 

Brian Ravitsky

I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in South Florida. Since the age of 13, I worked in just about every capacity of Food and Beverage up until I graduated from CU, Boulder while simultaneously touring the country playing drums with a rock and roll band. I eventually fell in love with wine and shortly thereafter began working in wine distribution in South Florida, San Francisco and Colorado. Five years later, I began working on the supply side of the business in both New York and the Carolinas. I’m grateful to have worked for the good people at Advintage Fine Wine in Charleston, SC up until the point that I was ready to work exclusively for Brazos. I have studied the drums since I was six years old and am proud to have shared the stage with Neil Young, Primus, Beck and many other amazing artists. I live in Brooklyn, New York


Jonathan Chaplin

I was born in Germany and grew up in a diplomatic family, lived overseas in Romania and Portugal, but spent most of my childhood in Northern Virginia. I caught the wine bug at an early age, having small sips of wine at the table with dinner and grew to know wine as just another component of a meal.   I have worked in many facets of the wine industry: as a partner in a boutique retail store in Aspen, Colorado; popping corks at multiple restaurants; a full harvest in Santa Barbara, and with a wine distributor in both sales and management positions.  Based out of Denver, Colorado I enjoy the outdoors where I can be found rock climbing or hiking with my wife and dog.  I often eat too much and have been known to drink a couple too many bottles on a good night listening to The Grateful Dead or 90’s Hip-Hop.  I speak just enough Spanish to be dangerous and am happy our growers are patient people.  I am passionate about wine from all over the globe and the families behind the vino.  Wine is an integral component in cultivating an enjoyable life.


Corinne Stasco

I moved to the small mountain town of Salida Colorado from Seattle in the 8th grade and have lived in Colorado ever since. I fell into wine by accident when I took a job at a large liquor store outside of Boulder when I went back to CU to finish my degree. What started out as a part time, temporary job, quickly turned into a full time career when I discovered my passion for wine. Working there I was afforded the opportunity to taste thousands of wines, meet people from all over the world, and travel to some of the most highly regarded wine regions. After ten years, I decided to explore other aspects of the industry working for an importer as well as distributors. I find I that I very much enjoy working behind the scenes. I am a unabashed cat lady and a music lover. When I’m not at home listening to records with my army of crazy kitties, you’ll most likely find me at a concert.


Juan Rochaix

Having grown up in the groovy 70’s in Argentina, I found myself buying a fair amount of wine for my parents. To be clear, I wasn't buying the wine but having interesting chats with the wine shop owner about what wines had just arrived and also what wines my parents and their friends would enjoy for dinner. Perhaps and most likely, those afternoons talking wine and labels became a passion and also a way to connect with people through wine. I have studied, worked and maintained a extremely fulfilled career in marketing wine: from building wine lists, training staff, consumer tastings and making sure deliveries get done correctly. My family and learning something new are my constants and passions.


Mark Mancill

I currently live in Petaluma California, 40 minutes north of San Francisco, and I feel extremely fortunate to live & work in wine country. I’ve been in the wine industry for over 16 years and have enjoyed learning various roles in distribution and logistics. In my spare time you will find me hanging with my wife, two kids and dog Lucy. I enjoy live music, mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, and a perfect beach day!