Stella Crinita

Vista Flores, Uco Valley, Mendoza



Joanna Foster and her husband Ernesto Catena started to farm biodynamically in 2002 when they planted their vineyard in the Vista Flores subregion of Tunuyan in Argentina’s Uco Valley. Fifteen years later, Stella Crinita was born. Joanna’s family is from Malaysia, India and the UK. She was raised by her Mother, who’s life as an activist took her to Greece and South Asia. Ernesto Catena's family is a multigenerational winemaking family that is well entrenched in Argentina. The couple met in 1995 when Joanna's Social and Environmental work brought her to Argentina. They married in 2004 and now have three children. Together they became interested in Natural winemaking in the early 2010’s which ultimately became a driving passion for the couple. All fermentation is spontaneous, using nothing more than the native yeasts that are present in harvest. No additives or invasive procedures are used in vinification and no SO2 is added at any stage. The winery is all estate and they do not fine or filter any of the wines. The vineyard has been Demeter certified Biodynamic since 2012 and production remains extremely small. Brazos currently imports two Pet Nats, a Petit Verdot, and a Barbera. The young Alejandro Kuschnaroff is the head winemaker at Stella Crinita and he lives close by the estate. Joanna and Ernesto split their time between Argentina, Tuscany and San Francisco. They remain passionate about Social and Environmental Justice and are guided by these core principles and values.



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