Vinicola Atacalco

Casablanca and Itata



Vinicola Atacalco is a joint project of Chilean Wine veterans Ricardo Baettig and Carlos Spoerer. These two friends and colleagues began making wine under their own label in 2017. As big fans of Northern Italian skin contact wines, they decided to start a small side project informed in this style. They currently produce two wines, both of which are made with long skin fermentation and maceration in terracota amphoras from Tava, Italy. One is a co-ferment of Semillon and Moscatel from a parcel planted in the 1950’s in Cerro Verde, Itata. The other is a Pinot Gris planted in 2007 in Lo Ovalle, Casablanca. Ricardo is one of Chile’s most highly regarded winemakers and he has been working with Casablanca and Itata vineyards since the 1990’s. Carlos’ family has owned a farm in Itata for many years so he has strong ties to Concepcion and Itata. Ricardo is a literature and history buff and Carlitos is a punk rock and post-punk fanatic. Nanoscopic quantities produced.



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