Las Dichas, Casablanca Valley



Julio Donoso and Andre Ostertag started Montsecano in 2005.  They planted 4 hectares of Pinot Noir in las Dichas, Casablanca and built a small winery and cellar on the property.  The vineyard is biodynamically farmed and is plowed by horse.  The subterranean, geothermal winery is shaped like an egg, and they vinify exclusively with concrete egg and stainless steel.  Many believe that they produce two of the most highly regarded expressions of Pinot Noir in all of Chile.  Julio and Andre incorporate a philosophical aspect that goes deeper than the vine and the energy is manifested on the property and in the bottle.  Since 2017, Dominique Derain has contributed to the winemaking process and it is not uncommon for other winemakers from around the world to lend a hand during harvest.